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Nutrition Evaluation & Counseling



“You are what you eat.” You’ve probably heard that one a thousand times. While you won’t turn into a piece of bacon if you eat it every morning, your food choices and quantity most certainly affect your health. Whether you eat too much because you enjoy certain foods or you binge eat to comfort yourself when you’re stressed or upset, the team at Cogent Family Healthcare will get to the bottom of any issues you have with food and help you make smarter choices.

Dr. Sims will evaluate your diet to find out how it’s impacting you – physically, mentally, and even emotionally. The goal is to get a complete picture of your nutritional status so we can create a plan to optimize your diet and your health.

A nutrition evaluation and counseling is a vital part of any medical weight loss plan at Cogent Family Healthcare. Dr. Sims may also refer you for a nutrition assessment if you are diagnosed with a chronic illness such as heart disease or diabetes, or in conjunction with a fatigue evaluation.

Nutrition Counseling in Mountain View, CA

Whether you need to improve your diet to lose weight, manage a chronic disease, or enhance your energy levels and well-being, the team at Cogent Family Healthcare in Mountain View, California will guide you to better health. Call (650) 386-0386 to schedule your nutrition evaluation today.


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